Why search?

A search process at ENSEARCH: Serious, discreet, and professional.

When you choose ENSEARCH you get full commitment through the entire process, which means only one contact person.

In order to ensure a shorter process than regular executive search firms ENSEARCH only have 2 – 3 assignments operating at a time. 

All the above enables ENSEARCH to offer a very competitive price due to the elimination of unnecessary costs. This does not comprise the service, which is a s
olid understanding of the company, including economy, strategy, products, culture and management structure.

ENSEARCH is dedicated to understand the client’s needs and priorities, strategy and culture. A well-developed business understanding based on the +25 years experience ENSEARCH hold, makes ENSEARCH highly qualified at identifying candidates. ENSEARCH has in-depth knowledge about economy, strategy, products, culture and management structure, which is combined with simple and efficient communication.

ENSEARCH preserve and extent the reputation of the company through quality and reliability and keep high integrity throughout the search process. Only highly qualified candidates will be presented to the client.

The end-goal for ENSEARCH? To provide durable and productive solutions for the client.

The search process

A search carried out by ENSEARH will be based on a profound and in depth analysis and all material provided during the search process with be of the highest quality. ENSEARCH will act as the client's partner and confidential in the process.

  • Company profile
  • Input from client as to the company, the organisation, and the position
  • Written candidate profile to be approved by client
  • Search strategy including target companies
  • Systematic search
  • Interviews with candidates
  • Status report sent to client prior to meeting
  • Written candidate profile sent to client prior to presentation enabling client to prepare for the meeting. Presentation of 2-4 of the most qualified candidates
  • Reference taking
  • Follow-up discussions after 3 and 6 months
  • 6–8 weeks for the entire search process:
    • Weekly status reports by mail or phone
    • Status reports on the search
    • Personal reports prepared on the selected candidates